Managment Philosophy

Supplying the optimal instruments,
devices,and equipment for handling powder and
granular material to all of our customers
in the powder field.


We unite our long years of experience with technology superb at a global level to
solve any issues that with powder and granular material.


Rules of Conduct

Establish “AISHIN” brand to the top of niche marcket.
Anyway quickly response,first reply.
Treat someone with gratitude and be a responsibe person.
Diligently report and consult.
Don’t be satisfied with the status quo – make change part of the everyday reality.
Don’t just be a critic – do things yourself.
Be acting based on truth,and falsehood is strictly prohibited.
Promise are to be kept – don’t make promises you won’t keep.
Make a point of learning something from defects,problems,and failures
Study well and improve the quality of your work.
Be serious in consenrtrating on your work.
Do your work with the world as your partner.
Comply ith laws and regulations.
Keep your self healthy in mind and body.