What is the Rotary Valve-4 Variation

What is the rotary valve ? -4(Sanitary Type Variation)

The sanitary rotary valve we make some kinds.


We propose 3 different types to meet your requirements.

1.      One side shaft seal type

Our standard rotary valve is one side shaft seal type.
Normally, rotary valves have shaft seals and bearings on both sides, but this type does not have them on the open / close door side.
As a result, the number of parts is reduced, but the clearance is properly maintained through accurate design and manufacturing.

2.      Both side shaft seal type

In case, If the conditions of the installation site are severe、it also installed a shaft seal and bearing on the door side. It’s call Both side shaft seal type. When the door is opened, it divides into a shaft on the main body side and a shaft on the door side. If you expect the effects of pressure and raw material biting to be large, we suggest this format.

The door side VDO https://youtu.be/QL7XsK68aVY

3.      Both side shaft seal type-Shaft through type

A new model of Both side type is 「Shaft through type」installed a shaft seal and bearing on the door side but, in this type, the shaft is not divided into the main body side and the door side, and it is in a single state. Therefore, it can withstand stronger pressure and the impact of biting raw materials.

The Comparison chart

*1 Depend on some conditions, they will be changed.
*2 The door side have a hole, The material can clog up in the hole. Therefore, we don’t recommend this model to use in food line.
*3 Depend on material, please contact us.

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–      Summary of Aishin Rotary Valve