What is the rotary valve 5 option

The AIT’s rotary valve has options to support the customer`s system and material.

*Please note these options don`t guarantee the described effects.



◇Limit switch on the door(Sanitary type)

When the door is opened, the limit switch is activated to stop the rotor.

2:Material measure

◆Staffing BOX Purge Nozzle

This is for remove the inside adhesion of materials. (Between stuffing BOX and rotor)


◇Rotor blow nozzle

This for remove the material in the rotor.


◆Inner surface buffing(Powder contact part made of stainless steel)

The surface smoothly and reduces the adhesion of raw materials.

#300 and #400, you can choose 2 types.

◇Anti-trap chute(Measures against material biting)

The stacking shoots smaller than the flange diameter, the loading efficiency is reduced.

As a result, the input amount is reduced, which reduces the possibility that large-grained materials will cause biting inside the RV.

3:Application environment measures

◆Shaft seal air purge(material leakage to the outside, etc.)

An air purge nozzle and lantern ring are added to the shaft seal part due to reduce material leakage to the outside.

And when you clean RV inside by water, it prevents that seal packing gets wet.

◇Air vent nozzle (measures against vertical different pressure)

It releases the pressure accumulated in the rotor and helps discharge material smoothly.


◆Grease nipple put on the bearing part (high temperature countermeasures)

A nipple that can inject grease regularly is attached to the bearing cover to keep the bearing moving smoothly.

※Please note that if you neglect to inject grease, the bearing may be damaged.

◇Explosion-proof environment specifications

We will select electrical instrumentation equipment such as geared motors that correspond to the explosion-proof level specified by the customer, and change the plastic parts (safety cover, name plate, air tube) to metal.




◆Direct drive

If for some reason you cannot use the chain drive with a sprocket, you can choose the direct drive type. Please note that the speed cannot be changed after installation for the non-inverter type.

4:Food line

◇Food compatible packing

You can select the food-compatible packing selected in JIS standard.

A food certificate can be issued. (Language cannot be specified)

(Grand packing, oil seal, seal ring, O-ring)


In addition to the above, if you have another specify specification, please contact us.

※The above content will be selected based on the materials and meetings presented with the customer.