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Rotary valve Sanitary rotary valve Ball diverter valve
RMC-150 (150A) SMC-150S (150A, One side shaft seal type) AREX8-U (Urethane lubber rotor)
RMC-200 (200A) SMC-200S (200A, One side shaft seal type) AREX8-N (Iron rotor)
RMC-250 (250A)  
RMC-300 (300A)
Ball diverter valve Knife gate valve(Manual) Knife gate valve(Air Cylinder)
DBXA-40S1A (40A) GVX-50S (50A) GVXA-50S (50A)
DBXA-50S1A (50A) GVX-65S (65A) GVXA-65S (65A)
DBXA-65S1A (65A) GVX-80S (80A) GVXA-80S (80A)
DBXA-80S1A (80A) GVX-100S (100A) GVXA-100S (100A)
DBXA-100S1A (100A) GVX-125S (125A) GVXA-125S (125A)
DBXA-125S1A (125A) GVX-150S (150A) GVXA-150S (150A)
DBXA-150S1A (150A) GVX-250S (250A) GVXA-250S (250A)
DBXA-200STA (200A) GVX-300S (300A) GVXA-300S (300A)
  GVX-350S (350A) GVXA-350S (350A)
GVX-400S (400A) GVXA-400S (400A)
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