Sanitary rotary valve

Realized safe and simple internal confirmation structure

The basic operation is the same as a general-purpose rotary valve, but the sanitary rotary valve from AISHIN INDUSTRIAL (THAILAND) devises a door opening/closing structure that allows easy access to the inside.

In equipment with a high frequency of internal checks, such as routine inspections, it is designed so that safe work can be carried out without burdening workers.

◆Standard drawings and equipment dimensions

◆How to open the door

The rotary valve in the video has a Teflon coating (white) on the inner surface.

◆Standard specifications

  • Materials for powder contact parts: SCS13/S30408/ASTM304
  • Temperature condition: -10 to less than 110℃
  • Pressure: Less than ±10kPa *In the case of pressure above this value, a separate structure will be considered.

*We will select and propose a specification according to the customer’s usage conditions.
*There are specifications that correspond to non-standard pressure conditions and powder entrapment.
*Please check the warranty conditions separately.