AREX Series

The AREX series is a rotary valve for dust collectors that pursues lower cost, space saving, and lighter weight than general-purpose rotary valves. A square flange is used to match the shape of many dust collector outlets, and a urethane rubber rotor is used to enhance its air sealing property. The rotor has a structure that makes it easy to remove and assemble, so it can be used for a long time with simple maintenance. Metal rotors can also be manufactured according to your request.

◆Standard drawings and equipment dimensions

◆Standard specifications

  • Material for powder contact part: FDC450/SS400

  • Temperature condition: -10 to less than 80℃

  • Pressure: 0 to -10kPa

  • Motor kW: AREX6/ 0.1kW, AREX8/0.2kW

*We will select and propose specifications according to the customer’s usage conditions.
*The above processing capacity is a calculated value, and it is not a guarantee of the actual discharging amount.
*Please check the warranty conditions separately.